Small business LLC and the S Corporation election can be quite tricky.

Heemer-Klein specializes in your small business taxes.

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Small Business LLC and the S Corporation Tax Election

Understanding the advantages of a legal entity seems to be simple but making the wrong decision can be expensive. Though there are both similarities and differences between organizing as a Limited Liability Company (LLC) and an S Corporation, trust the experts at Heemer Klein to help determine what's best for your new business.  Our staff will discuss how you can elect for your LLC to be taxed as an S Corporation and the appropriate timing of such an election.

Heemer Klein specializes in small business taxes

Since Heemer Klein has helped thousands of small business start-ups over the past 50 years, there's no reason for guesswork. There are subtle yet tricky differences. Since corporation rules are much more involved than personal tax returns, a new business is wise to lean on a professional staff like Heemer Klein to make the smartest determination.

Heemer Klein is dedicated to protecting your personal assets

The business decisions you make at the start often have a long-term effect on your business' success in terms of tax liability. Since situations change rapidly, a decision today may need to be adjusted in a few months. With Heemer Klein in your corner, business owners enjoy peace of mind knowing our staff will help you pivot to make sure a tax advantage isn't lost.

Our staff is also ready to assist small businesses with bookkeeping. This service helps owners have easy access to current financials and understand their impact on the business' overall health. Nobody wants unexpected surprises and our bookkeeping allows owners to keep a finger on the pulse of their ledger.

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Our talented team is dedicated to protecting our clients' personal assets from unnecessary risks. We often rescue new business owners from double taxation issues by utilizing both traditional and new tax strategies. We're eager to help create the perfect, specific plan for your situation.

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