Heemer, Klein & Company, PLLC provides a wide range of services to individuals and businesses in a variety of industries. At Heemer, Klein & Company, PLLC, we strive to meet each client's specific needs in planning for the future and achieving their goals in an ever-changing financial and regulatory environment. Our professional services include:

Individual Tax Preparation
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Stop struggling with individual tax preparation. At Heemer, Klein & Company, PLLC CPA we have prepared over 75,000 individual tax returns. With locations in various cities throughout Macomb County, expert tax prep help is never far away. In addition to having 3 dedicated offices, we also offer internet tax preparation services using email or our dedicated tax preparation portal. Skip the frustration of struggling with TurboTax and avoid the high fees that come along with H&R Block by contacting us today or visiting one of our tax preparer offices in Sterling Heights, Warren, or Richmond, Michigan.

Tax Prep Warren Michigan, Sterling Heights, and Richmond

Individuals can benefit from tax preparation at Heemer Klein by saving time and money by filing their taxes before the deadline. Do-It-yourself software leaves room for mistakes and issues causing you to spend more time and money. We can fix those errors in the taxpayer’s favor. Don't risk doing it yourself when you can hire an experienced, expert tax preparer who can make sure your taxes are done correctly.

Information for Late Filers and Individuals Filing Back Tax Returns

The tax experts at Heemer, Klein & Company, PLLC CPA can help if you’re filing your taxes late or if you have back tax returns to file. However, there are just a few things you should know about IRS and Michigan tax policies before proceeding.

  • You may face a failure-to-file penalty if you don’t meet the tax filing deadline.
  • Filers can reduce interest charges and penalties if they file their tax return on time, pay what they can, and request an extension or payment plan. However, if you do miss the deadline, call Heemer-Klein immediately.
  • Late filing penalties and late payment penalties can accrue simultaneously, It’s always better to file a tax return or an extension to avoid the late filing penalty, even if no tax is paid.
  • The penalty for filing Federal and Michigan taxes late accrues monthly at a rate of 5% of the unpaid taxes for every month (or part of the month) that the tax is tardy up to 25%. Federal penalties can be reduced as much as 90% with a timely filed extension.
  • You will face no penalty if you are able to show reasonable cause for not filing your taxes or paying on time. Unfortunately, it is very difficult to prove reasonable cause.
  • You should file all past due tax returns as soon as possible. Quick action will help you avoid interest charges and late payment penalties.
  • Filers must claim tax refunds within three years of the return due date. Otherwise, you forfeit your refund. So, let our CPA from Heemer-Klein help you file before you lose money that’s rightfully yours.
  • It takes the IRS approximately six weeks to process a past due tax return, so act now to get back on track with your taxes, avoid fees, and claim refunds before they disappear forever.

For the best outcome, call Heemer Klein for assistance with all late tax filing issues.

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