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When Michigan residents file their personal tax returns, they look to accomplish three goals.

  1. They want to simplify the process as much as possible.
  2. They want to get substantial refunds.
  3. They do not want to pay unnecessary fees and penalties.

To successfully achieve these three goals, you need tax law experts on your side. Otherwise, if you trust a software program, how will you know if you are taking advantage of every benefit available? Or, even worse, what if you accidentally violate a new rule and end up owing money to the IRS? Our advice to individual tax filers and small business owners is this: Don't risk it. If you think that you cannot afford a professional tax service, a better question might be, “Can you afford to NOT work with a reputable CPA when filing your taxes?

Why Heemer Klein is the Obvious Choice in a Sea of Tax Prep Options

When choosing an accounting firm to handle your tax return, you will quickly discover that you have numerous options. However, in Southeast Michigan, individuals and businesses trust Heemer Klein for the following reasons.

  • The CPAs at Heemer Klein are committed to providing Personal Attention to each client. You will never feel like a number at our firm.
  • Our CPAs are knowledgeable of the Most Current Tax Laws, Changes, and Updates.
  • We provide Tax-Focused Solutions, so you can expect the best possible refund and minimal fees.
  • With Heemer Klein, small businesses and individual tax filers get access to big firm tax expertise while paying small firm rates.
  • Heemer Klein offers 50 years of tax preparation experience.

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Heemer Klein makes it easy to get the tax refund you deserve, and we can help you avoid unnecessary confrontations with the IRS. So, avoid tax-hassle this season by giving Heemer Klein a call at (586) 751-6060. Or, please reach out to us with any questions you may have about the services we provide through the contact form on our website.